We love to teach babies at New Wave Swim School. We introduce babies to swimming and water safety in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. Our classes cater for babies aged 6 months through to 3 years.

The program has been designed around your child’s age so that the activities are reflective of the infant’s developmental stage, both physically and cognitively.

Our Aims for Baby Classes

  • For your child to enjoy the lesson in the closeness of familiar arms

  • For your child to become gradually more independent and capable in the water

  • To teach children vital water safety skills; such as listening to instructions from parents when around water, as well as how to enter and exit the pool safely

  • For your child to learn breath control

  • To teach assisted flotation leading towards independent flotation on front and back

  • To teach simple movement through the water

  • To prepare for accidental immersion and recovery to the wall

  • To increase social and language skills, so that the bond between baby and adult is strengthened and enhanced

  • To teach children simple songs and water based games

  • To build confidence, so that the child feels comfortable and confident in the water

Baby Class Guidelines

Prior to attending your first class with your child, please read the guidelines below. That way we will be able to instruct, you and your child, as efficiently as possible:-

  • A parent or guardian is required to be in the water for baby classes up until the age of 3

  • Classes are 30 minutes in duration

  • Babies must wear swim nappies. We have lots of spares just in case you forget your own. All other equipment is provided

  • Classes are run by our experienced team of teachers and generally do not include free play time

  • Please arrive a few minutes before your class time in order for you to prepare your child for class and for our classes to start on time

  • We offer a free trial lesson in order for you to get to know us